Men on the index

by Paul
Close up portrait drawing of a muscular beefy naked man by Berlin Artist Paul Astor

The creation of a new art series

For a few days I have been working daily on a new series of portraits and male nude drawings, which I particularly enjoy. In the meantime, it has already taken on such a concrete form, that I gave it the working title “Men on the index”.

Choosing the right materials

I love drawing on Bristol board. It’s a high-quality drawing board, and since it’s wood-free, it’s resistant to aging. And what I like most – it has a surface texture that is just the right smoothness for the way I draw with colored pencils. Bristol board is not only available as white drawing sheets, but also in a form that almost everyone knows: as index cards. And not only in white, but also in many shades and pastel tones.

Putting my men on the index

For my drawings I prefer to use the format DIN A6, probably the most classic size of index cards. The men I draw, I find for this mostly on Twitter, some I also discover on Instagram. As usual in my pictures, I am not interested in classic poses, but in moments in motion, quasi snapshots.

The finish

When I am satisfied with my drawing, the artwork gets a third layer. Over the lines of the card and the drawn man comes a background of colored origami paper. For me, this is a wonderful way to experiment with countless color combinations. I am already curious how these experiments will affect my further work. I glue the origami paper directly onto the drawing with removable spray adhesive and then expose everything except the background with a scalpel. In the process, the light table helps me see the drawing through the colored paper. The moment of pulling off the origami paper i cut off is incredibly exciting, only then can I finally judge whether the choice of color combination really convinces me.

Open to suggestions

My project „Men on the index“ is becoming a real series! If there’s a man you would love to see being featured in that series, please let me know in the comments! 

You will find a regulary updated selection from this series in my shop. I’d be happy if you’d take a look!



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