Man of the day: @getrightfitnessguyfl

by Paul
drawing of a bearded bodybuilder in a jockstrap by Berlin artist Paul Astor

The joy of drawing beefy men

For my drawing of @getrightfitnessguyfl I wanted the strokes of my crayons strong but also soft at the same time. So the main focus isn’t only on his extremely muscular body but also on this incredibly sexy belly. By the way- who else of you enjoys a nice belly on a thick muscular man as much as I do?  

Centering the belly and the bulge

Also I chose to draw this beautiful man in a position i rarely do – symmetrical, standing, full front. But with the impressive looks and the great physique he has, I think CJ in his @pumpunderwear absolutely wins in this pose. 

Drawing this beautiful thick man was big fun and I gave my best to capture every detail of his body in its correct huge proportion, even the parts that are slightly covered. I hope you enjoy the result!

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