Sunny with a chance of thunderstorms

Trying to draw naked men in the wettest summer ever

by Paul
portrait drawing of a naked man resting at the naturist nudist beach

Are we getting any summer at all this year?

I have to be honest with you: I’m getting a little anxious about the Berlin summer of `24…
How am I supposed to fill my sketchbook with drawings of naked men by the lake when it’s 16 degrees outside (like the last two weeks?). But as I hear and see all over social media: it’s the same summer fail all over Europe. And since there’s regions like northern Italy, who are really suffering from horrible rainfall, I promise, I won’t complain.

Not missing any chance of naked men at the beach

So I took the chance to focus on large scale paintings under my other label Felix Scholz. And actually it’s quite nice to be standing in front of a canvas without worrying about sweat eventually dripping on the painting.

portrait drawing of a naked man resting at the naturist nudist beach

But whenever there’s a chance of at least a few hours of sun and warm weather, I’m rushing out to my favorite lake in the east of Berlin, look for the perfect spot at the FKK beach and don’t jump into the water until the first fine man is captured in my sketchbook. Like yesterday!
But can you believe it? Already while I was drawing the first man, there were already heavy clouds starting to pile up on the horizon. So after a quick dip in the water, I was barely able to sketch these two handsome men close to my blanket and already had to pack up my things. I simply couldnt risk to get my sketchbook wet in the rain. And my way home is a 30 min bike ride in full speed. I caught a few drops but how lucky I was to get home in time before the tropical thunderstorm broke out. All sketches came home safe with me. Let’s hope for some more stable summer weeks to come !

portrait drawing of two naked men resting at the naturist nudist beach


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