Drawing live on TikTok

...how I became almost addicted to it!

by Paul
Portrait drawing of a bearded man

My new favorite thing

I never would have thought that I would be so relaxed drawing in front of a live audience. Since mid December I went live 14 times on TikTok, plus an extra live drawing I streamed on my YouTube channel.
In the beginning I’ve been a little nervous. Not so much about drawing while being watched. Rather because of how everything is going to work. And a little bit because of the unknown factor how people are going to react:
Are they going to react? Are they going to interact? Will anybody be watching at all?

With the longest of those live drawing streams going for almost 4 hours, you guessed right: people are watching. They’re interacting. And they like it! I even could establish something like a crowd that joins my live drawing streams again and again already!

What a great tool for artist

So I thought it was time for me to stand back and figure out what I think makes drawing live streams so appealing both for artists and people who enjoy watching art being created. Here are five reasons why I think its an incredible tool that every artist should use:

  1. Direct interaction with the audience: Through live streaming, I have the opportunity to answer questions from viewers and receive immediate feedback on my work. This helps me improve my skills and understanding of my art.
  2. Showcasing my art: Live streaming allows me to showcase my art directly and reach a wider audience. Viewers can witness my process and gain a deeper insight into my creative journey.
  3. Boosting my online presence: By live streaming, I can increase my online presence and build a dedicated following. Interacting with viewers and sharing my art can help strengthen my brand and increase visibility. Especially with “reach out platforms” like TikTok that push your content to people based on algorithms.
  4. Monetization opportunities: Live streaming also offers me the opportunity to monetize my art, such as selling works directly through the stream or accepting donations. If you share the creative process that leads to the creation of a particular artwork, your followers will feel a way deeper connection to it.
  5. Creative inspiration: Finally, live streaming also provides great creative inspiration. Interacting with viewers and sharing my work can motivate and inspire me to try new ideas and explore my art in new ways.

Overall, I think live streaming is a fantastic way to share my art, connect with my audience, and grow as an artist. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to spend their days drawing and chatting with people from around the world? So I hope you’ll join one of my next lives!

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