Men on the Index: Gorilla Back

by Paul
Drawing of a bodybuilder by Berlin artist Paul Astor

Physique baroque

Just the other day i remembered going to the old masters collection in Dresden, Germany as a child. It was the usual tour we did, whenever we had guests from abroad. There’s a lot of beautiful paintings, but as a boy I was especially fascinated by “The drunken Hercules” by Peter Paul Rubens. Still today I think this painting is incredibly sexy with its bold nudity and I’m happy beards like his and muscles combined with sheer body mass became fashionable again.

An artwork that left a mark

And how that things often go, when I was looking for picture material to work with later, I stumbled upon THIS man. What particularly appealed to me about him and his pose was its almost baroque character. Body mass in the swing, in the movement. I tried to emphasize the whole thing with expressive shadows.

I captured the creation of this drawing in a video I’d like to share with you here as well:

Emphasizing his smooth skin

If I have set in the previous drawings of this series on larger color contrasts, I knew this time at once – here I want to stay softer. That is why I have chosen a delicate apricot for the background. A tone that is quite close to the actual skin tone of this muscle bull. The small colored accents in the drawing are also emphasized by this. I wanted you to be able to literally feel his skin, even though this drawing is deliberately far from wanting to go too natural.

A selction of drawings from the Series “Men on the Index” is already in my shop. I’d be happy if you take a look!

Technique: Faber Castell Polychromos crayons on index card and origami paper
Size: 11,5 x 14,8 cm


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