Sketching men at Hasenheide Park / Berlin

by Paul
drawing of two naked men laying on a blanket in nature one laying on his back the other on his front

Combining my passions

There are some things I really, really like. First of all: the sun. Men. Drawing. So one of the easiest way for me to combine all these three things is to simply leave my studio (whenever Berlin is blessed with sun) and head to one of my favorite parks in the city. Its called “Hasenheide”, which translates to “Rabbits meadow”.

Taking the studio outdoors

It only takes me a few minutes to get there by bike. Equipped with a blanket, a large bottle of water, some sunscreen, I’m ready for a day of drawing and tanning. In the park there’s a little meadow that’s quite protected from the wind by trees and bushes, which is perfect for enjoying the sun even on a day that’s rather windy. And it’s pretty popular among the gays of the surrounding Berlin neighborhoods. So, usually when I get there – they’re already there: men of all shapes and ages. Older guys, younger guys, hipsters from Brazil, Israel, Poland or the US.

Especially during the week its a rather calm place. People that come here, are mostly regulars. So I say hello to the faces that are familiar to me, find a spot and prepare my drawing materials. Sharpen some crayons and try not to mess up my sketchbook with sunscreen while I draw.

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