Men on the index: Lower Back Flex

by Paul

Catching up with my series Men on the index with this handsome muscled guy. He reminds me a bit of the time before I started working out regularly – and when reading in bed and laying on my belly gave me instant lower back pain – ouch! He however seems to be pretty comfortable in this position. I guess his lower back is super strong now since he’s showing of that mustache killer smile! Somehow I get the feeling that the book he’s reading is pretty exciting 😉

Cutting out his delicate profile from the pink origami paper that I used as a background was a little tricky, but I think it was worth the effort.

Here’s a little time-lapse video of creating this piece for you:

I found the inspiration for this artwork at Vintage Black Dudes on Twitter. 

A selction of drawings from the Series “Men on the Index” is already in my shop. I’d be happy if you take a look!

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David Escobar 17. June 2022 - 17:42

Que guapo quedó y me encanta la idea de hacerlo en papel origami. Excelente trabajo.

Paul 17. June 2022 - 17:45

Muchísimas gracias David!


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