Man of the day: @rhinotitan

by Paul
purple drawing of the backside of a standing naked bodybuilder

Drawing a super sexy giant

This man is not just sexy but also HUGE! I took inspirations from Mike @rhinotitan ’s pictures and made a drawing of this 6’2 tall man’s extremely impressive back. His physique somehow reminded me of one of those hypermascular and sometimes mean characters in a cartoon movie, you know…Those villains who your’e supposed to dislike but in the end I always found THEM a lot sexier than the actual hero of the story.

Don’t worry Olive Oyl, take Popeye – I’ll stick with Bluto! 

Paul Astor

Already his Instagram handle is highly appealing to me. I definitely have a soft spot for a man who defines himself as a Rhinotitan (an ancestor of our todays rhinos, which weighed 1,5 tons). Absolutely yes, Sir!

Sharing a room with this man

Also: the heavier and beefier a man is, the more I enjoy drawing him. Constructing those heavy parts of the body in their balance in my drawing on paper is absolutely fascinating to me. I want to make you see WHAT I see and HOW I see it. But also leave enough space for your imagination so you can dive into your own personal version of the story my drawing is telling. What happened before the very moment I captured here, what is going to happen next? Am I watching and drawing Mike, this mountain of muscles, as he is just getting up to get us a drink? While I’m relaxing on the bed ? That of course would mean he’d come back in a few moments. And I would get the chance to draw his front side as well, which I imagine being just as beautiful as his back.

Leaving enough air for YOUR story

So, maybe the few details i sketched in are meaning we are in a bedroom. It could also be a living room where we are hanging out together naked. For me this is what art is all about. Suggesting a story, suggesting an imagined path, but leaving enough room for YOUR personal ideas how the story goes on. What happened before, what’s going to happen next.

What do you think, should there be a follow up on this drawing with a drawn impression of his front side in the future? Please let me know in the comments! 

Drawing in purple Polychromos crayons by Faber Castell on heavy Paper by Hahnemühle
29,7 x 42 cm / 11,7 x 16,5 inch

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